Workshop HYCON2-AD3 on Biological and Medical systems

Paris, June 5 2013



The HYCON2 NoE is dedicated to the stimulation and establishment of the long-term integration of the European research community, leading institutions and industry in the strategic field of control of complex, and networked dynamical systems. Biological and medical systems offer prominent examples of large-scale networked systems for which fundamental modelling, analysis and control problems are still unsolved since there are multiple sources of complexity that hamper the applicability of techniques developed for monolithic and centralized systems. The application domain AD3 of HYCON2 addresses precisely these issues and the main objective of this Workshop is to present research advances across the workpackages WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP6. Brainstorming on new challenges in AD3 will be fostered by keynote lectures given by renowned researchers outside the consortium.

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PnP control

Main workshop themes

  • Medical applications: electrostimulation for restoration of vestibular functions, neurotechnologies for promotion and recovering of locomotion, robotic assistance and electrical stimulation for paralyzed people, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson decease, synchronization of neuronal oscillations
  • Biological applications: engineering of genetic networks, experiment design for network inference, identification and state-estimation from single-cell measurements, robustness in biological networks, control of cell populations