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A. Ferrara, G. Ferrari-Trecate, and C. Vecchio. Sliding mode control for coordination in multi-agent systems with directed communication graphs. Proc. European Control Conference 2007 , pages 1477--1484, 2007. Kos, Greece, 2-5 July.


This paper focuses on the control of a team ofagents designated either as leaders or followers and exchanginginformation over a directed communication network. The goalis to drive each follower to a target position that dependson its neighbors. To this purpose, we propose a decentralizedcontrol scheme based on sliding–mode techniques and studythe position error propagation within the network using thenotion of Input–to–State Stability (ISS). In particular, we derivesufficient conditions on the control parameters for guaranteeingthat the error dynamics is ISS with respect to the leaders’velocities. Moreover, we show that, under suitable assumptions,the sliding–mode part of the control law is capable of steeringthe position errors to zero in finite time. The theoretical resultsare backed up by numerical simulations.