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G. Ferrari-Trecate. Hybrid identification methods for the reconstruction of genetic regulatory networks. Proc. European Control Conference 2007 , pages 4845--4852, 2007. Kos, Greece, 2-5 July.


This tutorial paper considers the problem ofreconstructing Genetic Regulatory Networks (GRNs) from geneexpression measurements. Among various modeling frameworksthat have been proposed for these biological systems,we focus on PieceWise Affine (PWA) models because of theirability to capture both the switching behavior of genes and thecontinuous dynamics of molecule concentrations. PWA modelsof GRNs have a special structure that must be preserved bythe identification process. In the paper, we discuss the newchallenges that this constraint raises in the field of hybrididentification. As an example, we summarize recently proposedmethods for detecting switches in gene expression profiles andfor reconstructing multiple PWA models consistent with thedata. We also present the results obtained by applying thesealgorithms to synthetic data produced by PWA models of theGRN governing the carbon starvation response in E. coli.