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G. Ferrari-Trecate, E. Gallestey, A. Stothert, Hovland G., P. Letizia, M. Spedicato, M. Morari, and M. Antoine. Modelling and control of co-generation power plants under consideration of lifetime consumption: A hybrid system approach. 15th IFAC World Congress on Automatic Control , 2002. Barcelona, Spain, 21-26 July.


In this paper the load optimization of a combined cycle powerplant under consideration of the real cost of lifetime usage isaccomplished by exploiting hybrid systems, i.e., systems evolvingaccording to continuous dynamics, discrete dynamics, and logicrules. The possibility of turning on/off the gas and steamturbines, the operating constraints (minimum up and down times)and the different types of start up of the turbines characterizethe hybrid behavior of a combined cycle power plant. In order tomodel both the continuous/discrete dynamics and the switchingbetween different operating conditions we use the framework ofMixed Logic Dynamical systems. Next, we recast the economicoptimization problem as a Model Predictive Control (MPC) problem,that allows us to optimize the plant operations by taking intoaccount the time variability of both prices and electricity/steamdemands. Because of the presence of integer variables, the MPCscheme is formulated as a mixed integer linear program that can besolved in an efficient way by using commercial solvers.