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G Ferrari-Trecate and M. Sznaier. Call for papers: Special issue on system identification for biological systems. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. DOI: 10.1002/rnc.1576 , 20(7):842, 2010.


Experimental techniques in molecular biology have led to the production of enormous amounts of data on thedynamics of cellular processes. The availability of time series data characterizing genomic, proteomic and metabolicsystems must be complemented with formal methods for identifying quantitative models of networks of interactions.Reverse-engineering of regulatory networks is a central issue in modern biology because, beside enabling thecomputer-based simulation of biological systems, it promotes the understanding of cell functioning and underliesthe design of interventions of biotechnological or biomedical relevance. However, standard system identificationtechniques are unlikely to work out of the box since they must cope with (1) the complexity and the high nonlinearityof biological systems; (2) the quality and type of available biological data; (3) the stochastic nature of chemicalinteractions; and (4) the interaction of discrete events and continuous dynamics.The aim of this special issue is to present some very recent achievements in system identification tailored to thereconstruction of biological processes.