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A.Lj. Juloski, W.P.M.H. Heemels, G. Ferrari-Trecate, R. Vidal, S. Paoletti, and J.H.G. Niessen. Comparison of four procedures for the identification of hybrid systems. In M. Morari and L. Thiele, editors, Proc. 8th International Workshop on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control , volume 3414 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , pages 354--369. Springer-Verlag, 2005.


In this paper we compare four recently proposed procedures for the identification of PieceWise AutoRegressive eXogenous (PWARX) and switched ARX models. We consider the clustering-based procedure, the bounded-error procedure, and the Bayesian procedure which all identify PWARX models. We also study the algebraic procedure, which identifies switched linear models. We introduce quantitative measures for assessing the quality of the obtained models. Specific behaviors of the procedures are pointed out, using suitably constructed one dimensional examples. The methods are also applied to the experimental identification of the electronic component placement process in pick-and-place machines.