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S. Paoletti, A.Lj. Juloski, G. Ferrari-Trecate, and R. Vidal. Identification of hybrid systems: a tutorial. European Journal of Control , 513(2-3):242--260, 2007.


This tutorial paper is concerned with the identificationof hybrid models, i.e. dynamical models whose behavioris determined by interacting continuous and discrete dynamics.Methods specifically aimed at the identificationof models with a hybrid structure are of very recent date.After discussing the main issues and difficulties connectedwith hybrid system identification, and giving an overviewof the related literature, this paper focuses on four differentapproaches for the identification of switched affineand piecewise affine models, namely an algebraic procedure,a Bayesian procedure, a clustering-based procedure,and a bounded-error procedure. The main featuresof the selected procedures are presented, and possibleinteractions to still enhance their effectiveness are suggested.