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M. Tucci, S. Riverso, J. C. Vasquez, J. M. Guerrero, and G. Ferrari-Trecate. Voltage control of DC islanded microgrids: a decentralized scalable approach. Proc. 54th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control , pages 3149--3154, DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2015.7402691, 2015. Osaka, Japan, December 15-18.


We propose a new decentralized control scheme forDC Islanded microGrids (ImGs) composed by severalDistributed Generation Units (DGUs) with a general interconnectiontopology.Each local controller regulatesto a reference value the voltage of the Point of Common Coupling (PCC)of the corresponding DGU. Notably, off-line control design isconducted in a Plug-and-Play (PnP) fashion meaning that (i) thepossibility of adding/removing a DGU without spoiling stability of theoverall ImG is checked through an optimization problem; (ii) when a DGU is plugged in orout at most neighbouring DGUs have to update their controllers and(iii) the synthesis of a local controller uses only information on thecorresponding DGU and lines connected to it. This guarantee total scalability of control synthesis as the ImG size grows or DGUs gets replaced. Yet, under mild approximations of line dynamics, we formally guarantee stability of the overall closed-loop ImG. The performance of the proposed controllers is analyzed simulating different scenarios in PSCAD.