The PnPMPC toolbox is a GNU-licensed MatLab toolbox for the modeling of constrained Large Scale Systems (LSS) with linear time-invariant dynamics, for the implementation of the Plug-and-Play (PnP) decentralized and distributed Model Predictive Control (MPC) and PnP state estimation. The PnPMPC toolbox offers also several functionalities for handling zonotopes set and for computing invariant sets.

PnP Controllers


Download PnPMPC toolbox v. 1.0

Download PnPMPC toolbox v. 1.0 manual


Installation notes

  • Step 1 Add the folder of the PnPMPC toolbox and its subfolders to the MatLab path
  • Step 2 Run pnpmpc_toolbox_init


  • Authors: Stefano Riverso, Alberto Battocchio, Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
  • If you use PnPMPC toolbox for research purpose, please let us know, we would be happy to hear your feedback!
  • Please send bug reports, questions or comments to pnpmpc_toolbox ( at )

How to cite

  • Please use the following bibliography definition to cite us:
    author = { S. Riverso and A. Battocchio and G. Ferrari-Trecate},
    title = { PnPMPC toolbox },
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Thanks to

The authors of the PnPMPC Toolbox would like to thank Marcello Farina, Giusi Quartarone, Davide Raimondo, Daria Rubini, Fabio Sarzo and Michele Tucci

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